Beware of Gemini and Rewards

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So, public service announcement! Users beware!

I am an authorized account holder of Gemini and have my Brave rewards go there. Everything was cool and all after Brave decided I wasn’t a scammer and turned rewards back on for me. Then my phone provider decided they sucked and so I switched. Whilst in the process they banned me from their system and port locked my phone number thus I was not able to transfer my phone number. Here is where the public service announcement gets important!

So I get a new number and guess what, Authy locks me out of ALL accounts that I was required to use Authy for. GONE! When I attempted to get my phone number updated, they denied me and said it was to safe guard my account from hackers. Sure … Ok. And my now new phone number already has a Authy account associated with it and they want me to use THAT email address with my phone number. Folks, please beware! And yes, I have ALL emails saved. How do the kids now a days say it? No cap!

As a result, I am now locked out of Gemini as well and they have 100% assured me that I am 100% greased up from behind and bent at a 90degree angle and have no wiggle room to complain. There is no way back in. I lost all the money I had saved up and all. GONE!

Now that begs the question. Who legally gets that money now? Does the system just absorb it? Should I shut rewards completely off now that I can no longer claim them?

Anyway, that is about all I have for now. I better stop before I take it way to far. Take care all.

This sounds like more of an issue with your phone number and Authy than with Gemini or Brave. I’m sure if you contact Gemini and explain the situation + verify your identity you can get your account back.


this is what cops are for.

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It is 100% an Authy issue. The fact alone that they can just put someone’s life on hold like they are doing to me is just insane. I have provided them 100% of all proof that I can of who I am from state issued ID’s that are not expired to screenshots internally of my emails and my own personal contact info for my phone that your phone sets up for you when you get a phone number assigned to you. I do not know what more Authy can possibly want out of me.

I have been back and forth with Gemini and they have offered me a way of possibly getting my account back with them. However, I am not sure how that solves the Authy thing one way or the other. As of right now, without Authy, I have no way of receiving codes to login to their website at all unless what they are helping me with as of right now as we speak will solve that.

And it really was not as easy as verifying identity. I literally started demanding phone numbers for legal teams and names. As of today I was going to my States attorney generals office. Now I know that sounds extreme for Brave rewards and that is extremely true. BUT we have to realize how many other accounts that I am forced to use Authy with. I am a content creator and am currently locked out of my main financial revenue maker. It isn’t a lot but it is my main money maker. As a disabled person I rely on that income to supplement me and Authy has 100% crippled my life as of right now by denying a phone number change.

So 100% it is NOT Gemini nor is it Brave. However, if I can not get into Gemini after today, then suffice to say, does me no good to have rewards turned on to I would very kindly thank them for fixing my recent flag issue and turn my rewards off in my settings. Easy come easy go.

@DjPorkchop my “issue,” if you want to call it that, is some of the phrasing you’re doing. Like you’re saying “Beware Gemini and Rewards” as if Rewards has done you wrong. Or in your quote below:

Yet if you look, Brave hadn’t done anything wrong anid it seems like Gemini hasn’t either as you mentioned they are working with you to get it handled (though you should also appreciate they are making sure nobody is trying to steal your account and all).

Your only issue is with Authy and the idea that you didn’t have any backup for things if it went wrong. So when you had your 2FA go bad with no backup options, you got yourself screwed and locked out of your own accounts.

Yes, you acknowledge some of what I’m saying elsewhere, but I think that’s all that the others were getting at as well. Just the title of your topic and some of the phrasing does point fingers at places where it shouldn’t.

Well, it could support Brave and Creators at least. And you could actually set up an Uphold account and link it to earn, which would be available to you regardless of your Gemini situation. So you do still have options. But I feel you, that you just want Gemini only and if you can’t earn BAT for yourself then it’s not worth it to you to leave Rewards on. All good.

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I agree. My phrasing was 100% complete wrong and I do apologize for that. I do believe I did turn around and say after all it is not a Gemini OR a Brave issue at all it is 100% a Authy issue.

As a 50 year old fella, I should have held my composure a little better and for that I apologize to all that read this and to Brave and Gemini both. Gemini has done a decent job today, after we went round and round, of helping me regain control of my account.

At the end of the day as the old saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I stomped my feet and threw a fit and I didn’t threaten action but I promised it and I finally got a decent guy that was willing to listen and hear me out and actually said Oh ok now I see. 1 email later and they said here is where the issue was. My phone number has now been ok’d to try once again to get changed and this guy is going to work with me through the process of it all instead of letting the AI handle it all.

And on a side note @Saoiray I had pondered that today after I walked off and simmered down some. Supporting creators/Brave isn’t a bad idea at all in such a event. How much does Brave chip in towards creators? Or is that strictly 100% user funded?

And I did go ahead and enable Creator and Brave support. The more I thought about it, the more it just made some reasonable sense to me.

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If you are in Creator Support only mode (in other words, you don’t have your Rewards connected to a custodial partner), then the whole 70% of BAT from ads goes to Creators and 30% goes to Brave.

For those connected, then you get the 70% and Brave gets 30%. In this scenario, Creators get absolutely nothing unless people choose to send tips. (Which often can feel like the majority of cases as people chase BAT just for themselves).

Who uses Authy anyway? It’s not even open source. Try any open source alternative.

Gemini requires you to use Authy, you can’t use any other 2FA app. It uses their two-way API for confirmations.

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