Better video quality in Opera

Why does Opera have better video quality than Brave?

DxDiag.txt (80.9 KB)

Try being signed into both accounts when testing. Link to the youtube video? also check other clips

It’s the same, try it yourself

@Fannste94 I also see the same res and image quality in both browsers. If anything, as @0x007 notes, Opera appears to drop frames more frequently than Brave. Other than that I don’t see any difference (visually or via the stat data).

I don’t know maybe it’s a AMD problem, I think the image is a little sharper on Opera and I get the AMD fullscreen popup on Opera and it doesn’t show in Brave

Depending if the video is defaulting to 1080p vs 4k. DId a comparison on 4k on a Digital Foundries video. Done on a Macbook Air M2:

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