Better Tabs Design

These settings are great, and make the browser so much more usable!

One quirk that I do miss is that I’d like to have my pinned tabs stay always visible, separate from the scrollable list, same as firefox used to do back when it was a browser.


Having used these settings for a while, there’s a couple of things that this doesn’t do well:

  1. It should scroll the scrollable tab bar to ensure that the current tab is always visible. If I have many tabs open it can be a chore to even determine which tab I’m looking at.

  2. Some sane keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs. As far as I can tell, in brave, ctrl-pgup is “randomly switch tab that I haven’t had open in ages which is almost definitely not the tab I want”, and ctrl-pgdn is “go to the tab I was at 1 second ago”. While I agree that “go to the tab I was in 10 seconds ago” is useful, it shouldn’t be on the default keyboard shortcuts that pretty much every other tabbed application uses for “previous/next” tab.

Yes. Thankfully, there’s a super light extension called Rearrange Tabs that does just this.


I wanted to request this feature, the worst thing about Brave is the shape of the tab.


Maybe this belongs to a Theme section ? With some stuff like bg color, edge color, round and padding/margin for tabs.


Honestly one of my major asks. I’m a huge fan of both the browser and search engine. But on Mac the tabs are so ugly. They’re so cramped and crude in their vertical lines.


Workspaces would help here I think. Or better group separations (add an icon for a group instead of naming it?)

I also went ahead and created a new feature request to show an icon as tab group name instead of a full text title:

Latest version of Nightly Mac has much, much improved tabs design!

Floating tabs are sure to be controversial, but I like them too. They also improved the tab grouping indicator. Looks better than Chrome.