Better Tabs Design

completely agree, firefox has a proper solution !!! fix it as soon as possible


I agree. Its annoying and unnecessary…This needs to be fixed…


Feedback taken. Logged an issue to have it as option which user can manually turn off


That’s great! I wouldn’t say it gets especially annoying with a lot of tabs though. A lot of tabs in itself with or without the hover card is a limited and cluttered design. I’ll try to edit my post to make the distinction clearer.


As a workaround for now you can disable chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards this flag. This is not a solution just a workaround. If chromium decides to remove this flag then it will start showing the cards again.


Cant agree more. Hope they add these features and fix the sync


Hello, I have been using Firefox for years.
The recent announcement Mozilla made in January was simply disgusting,
so I removed Firefox from all my devices and joined Brave.

I have seen numerous performance improvements in browsing and great minimalist design, as well as other small features I am discovering, are wonderful.

I do have some suggestions below that I kindly ask you to take the time to please read.

  • With many tabs open they become way too narrow
    Fix: make tabs no less than twice or even 2.5 times the favicon icon width.

  • Active tab gets lost with numerous tabs open.
    Fix: make a gradient stroke (from your logo) or solid around the tab edge or a horizontal line at the top for the active icon using the same gradient or solid colour.

  • Tab + button is all the way to the right when browsing controls are all the way
    to the left side forcing long mouse movements.
    Fix: place + button to the right of the bookmark icon, next to the address bar.

  • Browsing habits changed, I have not used bookmarks in ages, instead, I rely more on tabs to keep my sites of interest at my fingertips and type into the address bar what I want.
    Fix: Create a button on the very top left to manage tabs with two buttons to the right up arrow and down arrow.
    The button can show a grid of thumbnails of all the sites from the current tabs.
    In this grid, you can delete, copy, duplicate, give star ratings and drag to organise the order of tabs, a tab counter near the top of the page with each thumbnail displaying the number in the order in the bottom left corner.
    The up and down arrows at the top will allow you to move up or down through
    the Tab Sets (see below).

Tab Sets is a group of sites you wish to keep together, for instance, you could have a Tab Set for Shopping compare prices etc another for news sites another for art or whatever you like with the up-down arrows you cycle through these sets.

You could then save these as your own profile so no matter who jumps on they could create their own profile and sets and not mess up your sets.
Naturally, you should have passwords so other people can not see your sites.

As a final step, you could even set restrictions to your children profile so they can only see the sites you allow them from the Tab Sets you allowed them.

These Tab Sets should also reduce the numerous tabs open issue.
Well, I hope this list hasn’t been too long for you and you can equally see the huge benefit from some of the points I have raised that will not only improve your browser but put you ahead of the curve of other browsers.

Keep up the great work.

Stay strong stay free and keep up the fight.

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Agreed. I keep going back to firefox because of this issue. I love that firefox scrolls tabs left or right and that there is a drop down menu to select from among the open tabs. Earlier versions of Brave paged between groups of tabs. That was better than having tabs get smaller and smaller to infinity and beyond. I want to abandon firefox. They abandoned me. No browser I’ve tried has made this possible. Please make this possible, Brave. If I knew how to fix it, I would, and I’d do it for free.


Recently Alphabet Inc released two additional flags related to this issue, llok for Tabstrip in Chrome://flags, enable both of them and relaunch to get that FireMouse feeling. In Chrome Canary 90 it’s said you can pick the size of tabs in order to avoid them shrink to flea-size.

BTW, Brave should implement a Tab sync similar to FireRat or Vivaldi since the one in Chrome is utterly crude.

I agree with the concerns expressed regarding TAB size! When I have a lot of tabs they are so small, when I try to click on one it closes because it thinks i clicked on the “X”!

I’ll have to limit the number of TABS and open more Windows with different groups of interest, untill resolved.

agree with you !!!

Why not trying in flags “Tab Search”?

Agreed!!! The tab functionality in this browser SuCKS right now. The really weird thing is that the default tab behavior in Googles Chrome is pretty good. That’s the kind of functionality I want to see in Brave. To keep my response short I will ask only 2 things:

  1. Provide ability to search tabs like in Chrome. This is a godsend for people who have lots of open tabs.
  2. Dont shrink tabs to infinity. This is a horrible solution. Pick a set number according to browser window size and at the breaking point either flip to a new page of open tabs or allow the scrolling like in Firefox.

It burns my 4$$ when I’m on a page and I can’t see the tab for it straight away at the top of the browser window. The tab for the current page should … ALWAYS … be visible!

I love this browser for its underlying philosophies about user privacy and all that jazz. But please get the !@$$^#$ tab functionality fixed soon.

Thanks for a good browser. Looking forward to a better browser!

You can already enable these features. Just paste into your address bar
and turn highlighted flag to enabled.

Then go to
and turn it to enabled - tabs shrink to a medium width.


Nice. Thank You very much. Are these beta features that will become permanent?

*** Updated *** Not available for the Android version of the Brave browser. Will they add it to Android version eventually?

It would also be nice to be able to move tabs around using, say, Ctr-Shift-PgUp and Ctr-Shift-PgDn or Ctrl-Left/Ctrl-Right.

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Yes, we really need Group Tabs like in Safari 15 - is this on the horizon for Brave?

This is such an amazing feature, game changer when you browse dozens on websites like I always do lol

I’m really missing this in my favourite browser, it’s a must have.

Do you think Brave will release it anytime soon?

Yes the small tab size is so annoying, but anyway implementing Tab Groups like in Safari 15 is the only UX acceptable solution. Apple really nailed it here!

I’m hesitating to go back to Safari just for this improved UX, shame that Brave is so much better otherwise.

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These settings are great, and make the browser so much more usable!

One quirk that I do miss is that I’d like to have my pinned tabs stay always visible, separate from the scrollable list, same as firefox used to do back when it was a browser.

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Having used these settings for a while, there’s a couple of things that this doesn’t do well:

  1. It should scroll the scrollable tab bar to ensure that the current tab is always visible. If I have many tabs open it can be a chore to even determine which tab I’m looking at.

  2. Some sane keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs. As far as I can tell, in brave, ctrl-pgup is “randomly switch tab that I haven’t had open in ages which is almost definitely not the tab I want”, and ctrl-pgdn is “go to the tab I was at 1 second ago”. While I agree that “go to the tab I was in 10 seconds ago” is useful, it shouldn’t be on the default keyboard shortcuts that pretty much every other tabbed application uses for “previous/next” tab.