Better More Granular Cookie Control/management


Let me preface this with a concern i have about BRAVE support… it seems that too often an issue is redirected and closed rather than addressed. Remember that BRAVE users do not want to have to bring up issues… what they really want is to use the browser without problems and with personal privacy and security.

Now for the issue as I see it.

More Granular Cookie Control

It would be nice it BRAVE developers could collect all the best ideas about Cookie management from currently available technologies like current browsers and browser extensions and cookie management apps. Then they could research all the previous BRAVE user cookie related requests and suggestions and then survey current BRAVE users for ideas… then create a plan for incorporating all that they can and giving BRAVE the absolute best and most granular cookie management. Have the BRAVE team place a ranking/rating on what the BRAVE team feels are the best cookie management technologies and submit it for perusal by the BRAVE community and try to acommodate the community requests and additions and concerns as much as possible… then seek to implement the ideas one by one in order of ranking with at least one addition to each new release.

One idea I think may have merit would be to implement data encryption for all data files wherever possible. So lets say BRAVE saves a cookie… it is encrypted and only BRAVE knows the key so any request for that cookie would have to go through BRAVE to get it unencrypted and BRAVE could be vetting the requests… without BRAVE the cookie file is unreadable. This could be done with all data that could compromise privacy or security or lead to fingerprinting.

Sadly, this idea will probably lost when someone decides that another topic trumps this one and closes this without transferring the unique aspects to that topic… the rationale will be that this idea doesn’t belong in that topic… the ideas of users are being lost with this treatment and practice and it is a shame. If users feel like they are not being listened to then they will not be very enthusiastic… this is where we have gone wrong… business sees customer ideas and requests as a drain and uses tech support to fend them off so developers don’t see them… that is when customers give up on the product and the creativity and user perspective is lost and the product begins to die. This vital link between the users and the developers shouldn’t be discouraged… it should be fostered and nurtured to the end of achieving the highest customer satisfaction and best product possible. I realize some philosophy is in this… but I believe we are losing when we abandon this philosophy.

Option to save browsing history - ON/OFF

I find that’s a nice idea. could I know which elements should be added to our cookie management systems? looking forward to hear your opinions. best,


FYI you can send yours directly to the team on:



I sent them this:

Might be worth changing from just “cookies” to “cookies and local data” as removing unwanted data files is becoming more and more aggravating.

  1. Make everything work by default by accepting all cookies and local data. Basically do nothing by default but install and show the tool’s icon.

  2. Have an optional timer that will remove cookies, local data or both after a user chosen time. Use the following options to decide what to remove.

  3. Whitelist by site for cookies and/or data at a minimum, list by individual cookie would be better so you could save a login or show newsletter subscribe type cookie but wipe any tracking ones.

  4. Blocklist by site for a site’s cookies and data to never allow. Individual cookie / data blocking would be better.

  5. Sync to multiple computers.

  6. Have an option to do cleanup based on the settings on Brave start, a shutdown time cleanup can fail due to the OS ending Brave early.

The cookie management issue is keeping me from using Brave as my default browser or recommending it to non-technical users. Several key sites I and my local friends all access multiple times per day are unusable in Brave after a few visits due to them having counter cookies. Yes I have an SQL script to clean the cookies but it is aggravating to have to close my five or six open browser windows to run it and then re-open them. No way I’m trying to explain that script to my wife or mother.


This thread appears to be similar to if not precisely my suggestion. Briefly:

Under Edit / Preferences / Security / Private Data / Clear the following data types when I close Brave:

Allow more nuanced alternatives for clearing or saving cookies than “All site cookies” or none.


you will be able to delete cookies individually. see:


Thanks for the follow-up; anticipating release of v0.19.x to check it out.


actually it should be enabled on 0.21, which will be released a couple of month later.


@rnsjunkmail it seems like for the first time more than one person is in luck in a topic because one of your suggestions is going to be tied before the management issue.

Not so sad after all then, hey!


A window showing which cookies we keep and which ones we do not.
Much like CCleaner does for a lot of Browsers - except Brave.


As a side note Since I no longer program I will not be using Brave until there is a valid cookie management.
Please e-mail me when this occurs.
I will check back every once in awhile to see what is up.

Thanks for the great Browser.
When it is ready for me, I’ll be back.

Until that time all my friends will not get a recommendation from me for the Brave Browser.


The about:cookies link is still not implemented. At least not on my system, Windows7 64 bit with Brave 0.21.18.

Something like in Opera opera://settings/cookies is what I am looking for. All mainstream browsers do have it. The new session tab in Brave is excellent but I am a bit weary to use Brave precisely because of this lack of control.