Better Brave ads support in certain regions

Been a Brave user for almost 1 year. However, I am slowly receiving fewer ads ever since I first used the browser. It would be nice if the number of ads we receive each day is consistent for everyone no matter where we live compared to certain regions where some users can receive an unlimited amount of ads each day. We all would like:

  1. Able to receive the same number of ads across all-region.

  2. Better support of advertisements including every region.

  3. Better and more alternative for withdrawal of BAT.

Hello @Spiirit

for 1 and 2 the advertiser are the one who choose who see their ads not brave and also they set other rules like bat per ads and if it show up for everyone or certain group of people like maybe people who interested in cloths - games and so on

and i agree to number 3

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I personally think the ads shown up are random tbf. I had many ads that show up that are not based on my interest. Well, that was a bummer, that I wish ads support especially in much rural regions will be better or have a wide variety of ads because it doesn’t look like many ppl are getting any revenue and sometimes had none

some choose to only set the region not the interested category so it display for everyone from that country

the advertiser make ads to get customer not to pay us for watching their ads

i am sure if you have company you would promote for the people who could buy / use your service :wink: