Better ad validation

Several times in the past I’ve had ads that would redirect not to a website, but either to a Discord or to a store app with no kind of warning.
This is not okay.

I think the best case for this is go to your ad history and report them.

Thank you.

This on a phone, tablet, or desktop?

Assuming we’re definitely talking about the Brave ad notifications, right? Do you know which ads by chance?

I think BAT Brigade mentioned they were going to have ads going. They don’t have a website, they’re just on Discord. They are recognized by Brave and actually host a lot of events weekly where Brave staff participate, such as the weekly Community Call with Luke Mulks.

But even in those, I’d think it would go to the Discord page with the invite link, where you then have to click to continue to Discord, unless you just happened to have Discord open and it processes the invite link itself. Not sure how that works. So is a good question to bring up.

Assuming though won’t always just go to website, as some places will be doing ads for apps and all, so clicking would take you to app store where you can read more about it and/or install if you’d like.

Mobile, both.

Not it wasn’t about this one, there was no mention of Discord on the ad notification. Mobile doesn’t have ad history so I can’t pull them back up. A simple URL regex check could prevent this.

Gotten too used to my desktop. Forgot mobile doesn’t offer that. Yet another thing to add to suggestions.

Understood. Thanks for providing the info. Now, just have to see if @SaltyBanana might be able to give some feedback on that.

It is already on their “to-do list” since last year or so, not sure if there has been any progress.

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