Betas, Wallets and Noobs

So, I was having this thing where my browser would hang whenever I opened youtube or facebook (kinda like the ads were running and had to finish, but the browser just hung there) and I found this community. There was the “moar use beta plz” thread pinned to the top and I didn’t have the problem in the beta version.

A windows update resolved the issue I was having and the regular Brave is working fine now, but I like to test the new stuff, so here I am. The thing is, I can import my bookmarks and everything - but I don’t seem to understand what I’m supposed to do to import my connection to my brave-rewards and/or uphold account stuff.

I had a similar dilemma when I installed Brave on my new laptop, but I just rolled with it then. This time I have found this place, so I’m asking you guys.

It’s still you, and I’m guessing it’s still the same uphold account - but how do you guys go about different PCs and I guess therefore technically different browsers. Is it part of the syncing options, or just - what are you doing when it comes to this bit?