Beta version that replaces live

This is for me is the reason I will not run the beta “It is also important to note that installing Brave Beta will not overwrite any Brave installations you have on your device currently, nor will any of your associated browsing data be overwritten. All Brave browser builds are designed to run in parallel with one another (they can all run at the same time).”. You’re not doing any real life testing this way and probably explains why so many issues suddenly appear when you release new versions as they haven’t take any consideration of upgrading live installations.

If you’re going to beta test do it properly and allow me to install to replace the live version, especially Android - it’s my decision so my responsibility. For information this is page 1 of 5 of my Beta tab on the Play Store and everything works fine, plus it’s not that hard to roll back which I’ve probably only done once in the last year: