Beta on Android Tablet?


Hello, forgive me as I am quite technologically illiterate. I am interested in downloading the BRAVE BETA browser on my Android Tablet. I clicked on the button to download which was offered in another community thread but it didn’t do anything. It said downloading at the top of the screen but didn’t show if it was in progress, the % of download complete, etc. I gave up after five mins. Any suggestions? I’ll try again, but wanted to send a shout out. Thank you! I love BRAVE and everything you’re doing :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!


I do not think there is an Android version of Brave Beta. As of now, I believe that Brave beta is only available for Windows desktop. :wink:


@Jason_the_Gamer is correct. There is no Brave-Beta for Android. Currently the development is only for desktop. You can however download Brave from Android Playstore.


@sriram You are right. Brave Browser is available on play store. and if you dont have play store in your tablet, you can do one thing.

Download APK file of this application and then run it manually. May be It works. Try atleast.


There’s no Beta/Dev version of Android build available via .apk file. If you want to sideload the .apk file you can download from Android Repo.


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