Beta feedback of a multitude of topics

Preface: Brave is still the best web browser, these are just some things that I find need to be changed in the beta version

1: The settings menu, which is the same look and organization as chrome’s settings menu, feels difficult to use and looks off-puttingly “Chrome”, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t use chrome at all, and hasn’t for a very long time.

2: The extensions are great, but one of the things I was made aware of was the extension vetting process. Why make extensions unable to be used in incognito mode (except for when individually reactivated in the settings menu) if there will be a vetting process? I understand the vetting process is not complete yet, so if it is completely necessary to do this, why not show red question marks where the extensions are, and have you click them (and ask you whether you want to turn them back on without going back to the settings menu individually for every extension)

3: Private Tabs and Tor Tabs. It was great to be able to right click on the + sign or on a link and create a private or tor tab. Some people enjoy tor windows and incognito windows, but when I just need to access a website really quick without the cookies on, It was cool to just use a private tab. I believe private and tor tabs should make a return. image

old (good) thing–> image

4: I’m unsure what this thing is image but it looks like the chrome profile thing. I’m unsure how it works. I know there are some functions in there, but they seem kind of out of place. If it is there for a reason, it would be cool, on shared desktop computers to have the locally stored cookies be shared between the “New Session” tabs in this sort of “Profile-y” manner
something to that effect, I don’t know. Just an idea since it’s there. It could be like a New Session Window.

Overall, tremendous job, you guys are awesome.

Thanks for the kind words @nematod! I would like to address just a couple of the points your raised:

  1. Settings Menu - Lots of UI changes still in the works. I’d recommend flipping through a couple of these Community threads:

  1. Both private and Tor window are available in Beta and we are working on the right-click option:
    Add a submenu to the new-tab ➕icon · Issue #1732 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
    I’ll go ahead and add your report to the log on your behalf.

  2. We have plans for this option for some user profile features. I’m going to cc @rebron2000 - our Product Manager - in on this, I’m sure he’ll have a detailed explanation.

Thanks for reaching out! Always appreciate the feedback!

Hi @nematod.

We’re definitely making changes to the profile menu to make it more usable and to have it make more sense. The plan is to hide the menu in the first place, but then have links to create a new profile in the menu items for people who are interested in creating a profile (multiple profiles is an advanced feature). From there, we will display a better profile menu with items that make sense in relation to switching between profiles, managing profiles, and managing profile windows.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’re on the same page.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

On the third concern I posted, you mentioned that both private and tor windows are available. I was talking about Private Tabs and Tor tabs in regular windows, just like the old Brave did, in addition to the new window options.

Other than that, I have nothing else to say at the moment, besides thank you for pouring your time and energy into this.

Hi @nematod

That one might not make it back. There’s only so much space within a tab and that’s already filled with the favicon and the title of the page. The problem is, people can’t distinguish what tab is normal, or private, or private with tor. It’s too easy to make a mistake and be in the “wrong mode” even with the most advanced users. With private windows or private windows with tor, there’s a clearer distinction. We’re going to keep the current implementation. Hope our rational suffices.

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