Best way to export bookmarks from Dev to Release?

I’m looking for the best way to reproduce my Dev version bookmarks in the release version – without losing any bookmarks I already have in the release version.

What currently, is the safest way to do that – safest meaning the exported bookmarks will be added to those already exiting in the current release version, and No Overwriting will occur.

Relatedly, is there a way to back up the Release version bookmarks before doing that operation ‘just in case’?


I just copied my profile folder from the one to the other (though in my case it was from Beta to Dev, then Dev to Nightly). Since you’re just copying instead of moving, the original stays there and is effectively a backup, though if you’re worried about it, you could create a copy in place (or a compressed archive by right clicking the folder). I don’t remember whether my BAT wallet copied, so be sure to back that up so your can “restore” the wallet to the new version you’re using if it doesn’t show up. This guide helps with that part:

If you need some pointers on how to figure out which profile folder is yours, say the word.


Thanks, I thought I’d posted this topic but couldn’t find it in a search. Still can’t.

@Mattches says just using the simple export/import will do what I want, with no overwriting.

For future reference (mine), where is the profile folder located – on a Mac if you know?

Warning: You should probably just do what @Mattches says and use the export/import feature unless you like extra work and risk.

If you just want the bookmarks, then yeah, the export/import should work. My memory [edit: fuzzy because of time and events since] is that the way they were organized may not have carried through, but I did an export/import months ago and that may have been fixed. [edit: probably has been fixed if was even a thing]

Most extensions you install live in your profile folder’s Extensions folder, so they and their preferences should follow with the copy. I had extensions and other things I wanted to carry over, plus the way my bookmarks were organized, so I opted to try the copy. I admit it introduces some risk to stability, but it was worth it to me, and I don’t recall having any significant problems.

The profile folders are in ~/Library⁩/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Dev/ (or the Brave-Browser folder corresponding to your currently used version: Brave-Browser, -Beta, -Nightly). Each Brave version (release, Dev, Beta, Nightly) has a separate folder in the BraveSoftware folder.
The profile folder you use is probably just called Default and that may be the only one if you haven’t added profiles.

If there’s more than one, the others are usually titled things like Profile1, Profile5, etc. The one with the most recent modification date is usually the one you want. Because I used Release instead of Nightly in the pics above, the modification time is from when I did some testing in Release instead of my current use of Nightly to post this.

That’s pretty much it.

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While @hnktong is providing excellent support, the best/easiest way to move bookmarks from Brave install A --> B is to simply use the import export feature. It is safe, fast and will not overwrite you data.

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Thanks. I’m gearing up to take the plunge. :wink:

One last question before I go over the cliff:

How are the imported bookmarks organized at the destination? –

Is there a top-level folder that they all go into as subfolders, isolating them from the existing bookmarks?

Yes, I’ll do it the easy @Mattches way, but thanks for all that information. I will be going through it soon as I can.

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