Best way to backup my phone information

Hi. Forgive my ignorance of all things tech, but I have a simple question. My life info (logins, website addresses, etc ie everything) is on my phone. I m concerned about what to do to back it up somewhere in case I lose my phone. Any advice?

You could have it synced to other Brave installations by using Sync in Brave settings.

Hi @Ray65 thanks for reaching us out. Learn more how to sync your devices across:

  1. Brave Sync FAQ
  2. How to set up Brave Sync
  3. Understanding Brave Sync

Kind Regards.

Thanks for that, Jorge. I’ll have a look at the info you sent.

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You’re very welcome @Ray65, If you questions about it, please let me know. Regards.

Just so you know, Sync will be helpful but only if you have a second device using Brave that you can have. The reason for this is the Sync code changes daily. It’s not meant to be used as a form of backup.

If looking for ways outside of Sync:

  • Passwords can be exported in Android by going to SettingsPasswords and then clicking hamburger menu (three dots on top of each other). You’ll see Export Passwords as an option and will have to choose which method you want to use to export them. That would

Nothing else can be exported necessarily, at least not manually. But at least this would let you have your logins saved.

So yeah, of the two, Sync works better, but only if you have multiple devices using Brave.

Make sure you realize that things like BAT (on Mobile) can’t be backed up. They are only safe if you have them stored on a custodial partner, such as Uphold or Gemini. Otherwise BAT IS NOT synced on any of the devices.

Thanks Steve, that’s really helpful. I’ll try it out.

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