Best Third Party Password Manager for Brave?


Since the LastPass folks can’t seem to get their Brave version to work quite right, I’m interested in alternatives for Brave that also work with other browsers so I don’t have to have multiple copies of my credentials in various password management systems.


I found transitioning from LastPass to Bitwarden

to be essentially seamless.

I use Bitwarden and I encounter two issues with Brave.

First, Brave is agonizingly slow updating extensions. Brave v0.22.721 currently supports Bitwarden v1.25.5 while the rest of the world has advanced to Bitwarden v1.26.6. Password managers are inherently security-related so delayed updates are a real concern.

I’ve set Bitwarden (and previously, Lastpass) to require that I re-enter my master password each time I start a browser, The second quirk I encounter using Bitwarden with Brave: each time I start Brave, the first time I click on the Bitwarden icon, a completely transparent window frame opens; the second time I click on the Bitwarden icon, the log-on screen appears in the frame.

That second quirk is barely a speed-bump, but the delayed updates combined with Brave’s failure to timely address and correct other issues (for me) relegates Brave to a distant 4th-place (following Firefox, Vivaldi, and Opera) in my choice and use of browsers.

Bitwarden works just fine with these other browsers (as well as with Chrome). I use Windows 7, hence, Internet Explorer is also available. Bitwarden doesn’t work with Internet Explorer (it does work with Edge) so if you’re using W-7, don’t uninstall LastPass.


I trust only “KeePass.
“KeePass password safe” exclusive for Windows and “KeePassXC” of multi platform type are trusted by users.
KeePass Password Safe
KeePassXC KeePass Cross-Platform Community Edition

In reference:

Brave should support these apps.
Please consider it seriously.


I use LastPass daily with Brave. There is the occasional glitch (my bank won’t play with Brave until I disable the cookie-blocker, which only takes a few seconds to turn off, then on again). But that is true of other browsers as well. I used to have a financial site that wouldn’t work with Chrome, so whenever I used it I had to fire up Firefox. (I haven’t tried it with Brave, but I still have Firefox in reserve.)


I use Dashlane. Integration isn’t perfect but is OK. You have to log in to Dashlane from a browser tab. I pin the tab and you can use it just like the Dashlane app.


Two years & never had a problem with LastPass & Brave or any other browser. Unless I’m simply not triggering the problem. Unsure what these problems are you speak of really.


I’ve submitted two support tickets with LastPass regarding the Brave browser demonstrated in the screencasts. Unfortunately, does not accept .flv videos.

First ticket is that when I go to the LastPass support web page it tells me that I need to upgrade my version and provides a link to download the installer. However, doing as I was told, and restarting Brave did not remove that message upon return to that page.

Second ticket is that upon restart while attempting to enter the LastPass credentials, upon clicking on the icon indicating LastPass is not active (black square with 3 white circles horizontally oriented) a transparent rectangle flashes at the bottom and goes away followed by the appearance of another transparent rectangle where the credentials form should be. At this point, clicking on the LastPass icon (making the rectangle go away), and clicking it again presents the proper form.

In the same ticket I also demonstrate that the FaceBook login page misbehaves when I click either the name or password field’s LastPass icons which should dropdown the login credential options for that site.

These are hardly the only bugs I’ve encountered in the Brave implementation of LastPass.


The LastPass support team says they don’t officially support Brave and the current version of LastPass is incompatible with Brave.

2018-06-12 13:45
Marcus Hi there,

Thank you for contacting LastPass Support.

Please note that Brave browser is not officially supported; therefore, you may experience issues/bugs with the extension’s functionality. It seems that the latest extension (4.10.0) is incompatible with the browser you are using, thus it is reverting to 4.9.1. As we do not officially support, we are not currently taking bug reports for these browsers.

Here is the list of supported browsers:

Best Regards,

Built-In Form Recovery

Yeah Dashlane is bangin’ on all 4 cyclinders for me. Great app.


Well at least now I know why the extension isn’t working for me.


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