Best Method to Create a Brave Back-up

Just to add that instead of the Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser , maybe if you just copy the profile folder inside , e.g. Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default,
Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/[profile name],
although with just the actual profile folder you may loose your BAT tokens if you haven’t moved them to an online wallet or something

Hi Agent_Suave,

I have tried that suggestion with no luck.

There seems to be a problem with the version of Brave suitable for Apple iMacs with Silicon M3 chips as no matter I try NOTHING works and Brave will not accept or recognise imported data/files from the version of Brave installed on an iMac with a Intel chip.

Mattches is still looking into this issue and hopefully he will find a solution soon.

That is very weird. It could have something to do with the fact that different browsers in Apple devices aren’t allowed, unless they make a special version with Safari as the core. In other words, browsers in iphones, ipads, and I believe also on Macs, have to be no more than a glorified skin for safari, it doesn’t matter if the browser is brave of firefox. That’s apple’s “walled garden” for you.
And that could be the reason for that sudden incompatibility. But I’ll leave that to people more knowledgeable than me.

It is not correct that different browsers aren’t allowed on iMacs, you simply need to adjust your Security settings to “Allow Application Downloads from the Apple App Store & Identified Developers.” Once you have changed that setting you can use any browser you choose.

It is simply not true that the browsers you install on iMacs are a glorified skin for Safari, if that were the case the browsers would be much the same and not have performance differences.

The browsers you install still use their own preferred browser engine and with Firefox you can adjust settings in the “about:config”, with Brave you can adjust settings in “brave://flags”.

If the browsers you can install on iMacs were a glorified skin for Safari you would not be able to do that because Apple will not permit tampering with the browser configuration at deeper level because the coding for Safari is closed source.

I have tried out many different browsers on my iMac and Brave has the features I want with the best built in ad blocker.

I personally believe that there is some technical changes made to the Brave browser in order for it to function properly with Apple Silicon M3 chips which are now in all new iMacs.

The Apple Silicon chips architecture are designed to optimise them for Apple’s own apps and the hardware built by Apple. The folks at Apple have made big improvements to the performance and energy efficiency of their devices because of the Apple Silicon chips. The decision to invest in designing and manufacturing their own custom designed chips was a very smart move by Apple.

Apple no longer has to compromise and make allowances or compromises because of Intel chips design.

I was sceptical at first when Apple claimed that their own testing revealed big performance and efficiency gains.

Apple specifically claimed that an 2024 iMac with an M3 chip could out perform an 2019 iMac with an Intel chip by as much as 4X in many areas with much better energy efficiency as well.

I have had my new iMac for over a week now and I am very happy, everything is so much faster and I believe the performance gains claimed are 100% true and accurate.

However I am still patiently awaiting further support on this issue from Mattches, I do hope to hear from him soon or perhaps someone else from brave technical support can help with this issue.

Hi Mattches,

It has been over 9 days ago since this problem began, do you have any further advice on how to restore Brave back to the way it was when it was installed on an Intel chip based iMac.

Everything suggested so far has failed and I simply can not get Brave fully functioning on my new Apple Silicon based iMac with the M3 chip.

You misunderstood me: other browsers are allowed, they can have their own sync services, bookmarks and whatnot, but have to rely on the OS embedded rendering browser engine, namely Safari. At the very least for iOS (see here: ); now that I look into it, can’t say for sure about MacOS.

if that were the case the browsers would be much the same and not have performance differences.

The performance issues may come from other factors, like services running in the background, extensions, skins, sync with an account, or simply a bad safari skinning. Assuming the same skinning happens in Macs also, which I’m not certain now.
But it absolutely happens on iOS, that’s why the day when safari stopped supporting many websites in my ipad, EVERY OTHER browser I installed also stop supporting it the same day, not matter if it was firefox, or other browsers known for supporting old hardware.
Apple is a control freak, yes the software is very fine tuned with the hardware since they control both, the experience is fluid, but there is such a thing as too much control.

If the browsers you can install on iMacs were a glorified skin for Safari you would not be able to do that because Apple will not permit tampering with the browser configuration at deeper level because the coding for Safari is closed source.

Changing flags is tampering with certain options only, not with the source code, the latter being closed source in safari case.

And careful with the M chips, which only apple knows their insides (not independent audits afaik): (not that intel is much better)

As for your problem with apple and Brave, can you use a system backup with a virtual machine?

I simply can not believe that after 16 Days nobody has been able to fix this problem with Brave.

If the Brave developers can not help or are unwilling to explore this problem further, then I am simply going to be forced to uninstall Brave and migrate to a different browser

The Brave developers have all the technical knowledge of how Brave is built and modified from its Chrome base and yet NOBODY is capable of fixing my problem.

I am just a common ordinary internet user and like most other Brave users here, I simply do not have in depth expertise to fix this without Technical Support.

I have tried to be very patient and when potential solutions are offered I always take great care to ensure the advice given is applied precisely and I always double check everything in detail before reporting back in a posting.

Yet after 16 very long tiring and exasperating days and nights of trying to fix this, there is still no end in sight and no resolution to my on going problem.

@Saoiray asked @Mattches & @Steeven to offer advice.
@Mattches made a few ineffective suggestions and last posted 15 days ago and he has posted NOTHING SINCE THEN.

Nobody else at Brave has offered any advice.

I am dismayed at the Technical Support offered here, this should not be an ongoing issue after 16 days.

The people at Brave seem to have given up on trying to fix this problem.

Apologies for the late reply.
I have a team member who will be testing this again soon. The thing is that the method you’re using should work. If it’s not, then we need to try and reproduce it on our end in order to diagnose exactly what the issue is.

Thanks, it’s good to know that you haven’t given up on this issue.

I understand the delay in setting up a testing platform with an iMac or similar device which uses the Apple Silicon M3 chips and also obtaining a device which uses the Intel chips and then installing Brave on both and trying to transfer Profiles from the Intel based iMac to the Apple Silicon M3 based iMacs.

As mentioned before, I can indeed fully restore Brave back to the way it was 16 days ago using Time Machine back ups on an Apple Silicon M3 iMac.

But Brave stubbornly refuses to accept and use Profiles or any form of data from an Intel based iMac.

I strongly believe that something inside Brave has been changed in the version of Brave suitable for Apple Silicon M3 chips, the changes that make Brave fully compatible with the Apple Silicon M3 chips seem to be responsible blocking the importation of data or transferring data from a Brave Profile.