Best browser I ever used! A+! 10 stars! But there still very few flaws that needs improvement/fixing!

Same powerful ad/popup blocking feature as Opera. Same compatibility to use Google store and has no issues with Discord
just like Chrom. The only annoying thing that Chrom had is additional add-ons like the Chromium which I never understand what it’s for or why it comes with the browser. Although I never use it, Chromium would sometimes open by iteself! I am very glad Brave doesn’t have a add-on and that’s why I would compare Chrom with Brave not only similarity but even better, no annoying add-on!

While it is still a great better browser than Opera and Chrom, I want to point out a few things that really needs fixing even if most people don’t think they’re much of an issue, I still want them to be a high-priority to be fixed!

Here’s the few flaws I found so far that needs fixing!

Push-notification for Mac users like me can’t see the notification
because the push button notification messages won’t stay on screen as I already set the notification to stay on-screen until I click it. However, the notification quickly disappears!

Another problem is the annoying download bar. It might come in handy sometimes to keep track of downloads but I rather see and scroll down through the list instead of seeing a bar popping up below the screen! It’s just annoying please remove it!

Finally, one more problem I wish to point out is a missing feature Chrom has while Brave oddly doesn’t! It’s a customizing feature that allows users to change and move around parts of the browser any way they like! There is NO customizing feature to arrange our toolbar and extensions above! Thankfully, there is still the bookmark feature and while we are able to arrange our favorites above but still won’t arrange the toolbars? This issue needs to be fixed!

I’ll appreciate if all those problems are fixed but this is still the best browser hands down! But consider improving it!

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