Benchmarking Brave against EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

I suggest Brave’s team benchmark it’s browser against the test website by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

From my testing, Brave desktop browser does really well in most categories except one of them, and I’d ask Brave’s team if they can shore up those defences that are lacking based on the EFF test.

Incidentally, I note that Brave’s iOS browser performs poorly in the EFF test, compared to its Brave desktop browser. I’d therefore ask the Brave team if they can bring its iOS security up to the standard of its desktop app, with reference to the EFF test.

iOS has been limited based on what Apple permits developers to do. Just like they haven’t been able to do scriptlets which would have otherwise been able to greatly increase the efficiency of Shields on iPhone/iOS.

They are working on increasing security and making modifications though.

If you have time to listen in, check out Community Call from August 23 of this year at (it’s all audio, no need to “watch” anything)

I just was listening in to it a bit again as it’s been a while. The main part that hits on what I was saying about Apple starts getting discussed at around 25 minutes (which is where I detailed issue with Shields) and then where he responds.