Being marked as a Bot and prompted with Captcha

  • C. A listing of:
    • i. Android 8.0.0, Oxygen OS 5.0.1
    • ii. Your Brave Version 1.0.40, Google play
  • D. On various airline’s websites (Quantas), searching for fares to various destinations tends to give me a message that JavaScript is not activated and my activity is suspiciously like a bot and I am prompted to complete a Captcha.


Do you get the same warning message when you disable shields and check?
Does this happen on Chrome as well?


Disabling shields didn’t change anything.
I haven’t checked Chrome.


Do you mind checking with Chrome and see if its the same behaviour?


Sorry it took so long but I checked with chrome 64.0.3282.137. the problem didn’t seem to occur with chrome

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