Being asked to pay for Brave VPN w/ Applepay, why not direct?

I don’t want to sign up/use Apple pay, Is there another way to pay for Brave VPN using iPad, eg, with a card?


Hello Kiansh!

The only way to purchase the Brave Firewall + VPN is through the App Store as this is an “in-app purchase” which is managed by Apple. If you have purchased apps from the App Store, the payment process is the same for subscribing to the Firewall + VPN service and your information is managed by Apple. Essentially, your connection with our servers on a subscription is anonymous and we do not collect information of our users to allow for direct payment at this time. We are looking into additional privacy compliant ways to allow for subscribing to our service.


Thanx. I’m not concerned about Brave, it’s Apple and monopolies. I don’t appreciate being funnelled like a product through one provider with no alternative options. iPad is getting the toss soon for this reason.

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