Behaviour of the Search Premium account

Dear all,

I just signed up for a Brave Search Premium account. Currently I am not really sure how the account behaves in the following regards:

  • “sync chain” - if I am logged in in one of the devices in a chain, will I be logged in with the account in the other devices too?
  • “logged in” indicator in browser (desktop, Windows) - does the “blue shield with a star” symbol in the top right corner indicate whether I am logged in the account?
  • “logged in” indicator in browser (mobile, Android) - where can I see if I am logged in the account on my Android app?

Thanks for your time!



Still wondering?

I am greatful for any pointers or clues :grin:


I wondered if you had learned the answers.

Re the ‘sync chain’ - that is probably: No

Why: If you are a bank, do you want to allow access for a customer who is in two places at once?

Re indicators, might you supply some screenshots?

  • ‘blue shield with a start’

  • Android indicator

In both interests, of you and the website, you know if you are logged in by observing the webpage.