Been using Brave browser since Oct 2019, Just setup Uphold account today & the balance is wrong

Hi, I have been using the brave browser here at my work since around Oct 2019. Today I decided to go ahead and withdraw my BAT to my Coinbase BAT wallet. I went through the verification process and got everything setup correctly for the Uphold account, but my Uphold balance is only showing 73.25 BAT, compared to the 167.7 BAT showing on my brave browser. Is there anyway to collect my whole 167.7 BAT?

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BAT Grants from the UGP can’t be withdrawn – they can only be used to tip content creators. :slight_smile: Did you claim any grants recently? This is the likely reason that they didn’t end up in Uphold.

What is the UGP mean? I have claimed the rewards every month since Oct 2019, however, today is the first time i’ve registered with Uphold to try and withdraw all the BAT I had.

User Growth Pool. In the past Brave issued free grants so users can try the Rewards system. And this BAT from free grants is not withdrawal-able.

Oh so this happen last year around October? Also is there a way to clear what my Brave browser is showing, b/c its saying I have all this brave but its not accurate

I think you can. :point_down:

This should be shown under “Brave Browser” card in your Uphold.

Move that BAT to other BAT card on your Uphold account. It’ll “withdraw” your BAT from the Rewards wallet in your Brave.

Then your Brave will only show the remaining BAT (from free grants).

Then this one :point_up:

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