Been using a week

I moved from one Browser to another, then after a month on the second one went searching for a third. The previous ones just, had issues and stuff I learned made me leery of trusting the companies they were with.
I ran across a listing of good browsers and spotted brave. Ah, another new one year gone the next. Then I started reading.

I finished installing 5m later. Watching as I transferred my tabs one by one, lotsa tabs, and seeing how fast they loaded in. It was quicker than I expected. Looked up and found info on letting it’s cache go onto my RamDisk and it got even faster. Wow.

There were times it loaded too fast. I just could not figure out why… until now.

I wasn’t running a game but my video widget was showing 38% of 4g video ram in use. Ah crap, what game has video memory bloat now? Then I had a thought… nah. Closed Brave… 28%… 16%…
A browser that uses Video ram for the videos and images.

I’m in love. :revolving_hearts:

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