Been 2months plus but uphold havent verified me yet

Hello i try to verify my account but its been proccessing since 2 and half months now i sent a ticket to uphold but there isnt any update to that ,I sent a ticket 2 months ago plus and im still waiting . On their site they say about There may be a delay in responses because we’re experiencing higher support request volumes than ever before . but i figure 2 months plus is alot of waiting

Hi, @trokteliopia, did you check if your region is on this list?

Yes my country isnt on the list im from Greece

That is good, one less thing to consider :slight_smile:

It isn’t good that it’s taking so long, though, and it is odd they haven’t been responding to your support request ticket. You might have missed an email - did you check your spam folder?

If I have to guess, something has gone wrong with the KYC process. A note on the valid photo ID they require: you need to submit a valid ID with your country; if you used an ID of a visa stay, or any temporary “passport”, this is likely causing the issue.

yes i checked i opened a second ticket asking why the long wait time which was closed since i had one ticket open .i used the photo of my driving license ,but still if i had made a mistake wouldnt they reply to me to add some more just odd that this is taking so long

the only reply i got so far is a automated message "Thanks for contacting Uphold.

We’ve assigned a specialist to handle your case who will get back to you shortly.

Thank you in advance for your patience."

I agree, it’s odd and unfortunate. In your second help ticket, maybe add to it, asking them if there is an issue with your ID you submitted, and how you can fix it to complete the process.


This is always when you submit a new ticket, I get it, too :slight_smile: But you can open up a page with all the tickets you have submitted, and you can add more information to them at any time, did you know? So you don’t have to open a new ticket, just use one you have ‘open’ still, and most recent. You can do this through your email, too.

i have replied to the first ticket i wrote to them but they havent reply ,i replied on 5 of march but no reply yet. btw thank you for replying to me and try to help

Hi @trokteliopia,
Please see the DM I sent you

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sorry for the long time to reply ,i saw the DM and replied back

Would you please respond to my DM sent to you. Thank you