Because when I open the brave nightly browser and update it I get that error:

and it says an error occurred while checking for updates: there is another operation in progress in brave. Try again later. (error code 7: 0x80040902: 60 - system level).

because @Mattches are not able to fix this problem and solve it every time when I update it day by day I get that error this brave browser is remediably broken if this continues to appear unfortunately I will have to abandon it forever

You should be using the stable build, as it will have fewer overall issues as well as fewer/less frequent updates.

For this issue, I would check and see if you have any anti-virus software running at the time and/or any other Brave/Chrome processes not related to Nightly. If so, close them and attempt updating again.

If I still have the stable version, and I have exactly the same problem, with the updates. I thought that these errors had solved it but it seems that they have not. Will there be a request if they could change the updates like mozilla Firefox style and so these errors could be solved.

@Mattches I am using Microsoft Defender Antivirus. What if I disable the antivirus defender and update the browser, will I get the same error again exactly as the previous image.? oh not precise

You’re seeing the same behavior (error during browser update) while using the Brave stable build? Is the error code exactly the same?

@Mattches if correct, I see the same behavior of the stable version error. so is the same error code. Can you fix this update problem oh will I have to stand by? Oh will I have to stay with these mistakes for life?

In the stable build, what is the version number provided in About Brave (error or not)?

@Mattches now I had to turn on my pc and when I wanted to go to configuration about brave I got an error and it says: There was an error when looking for updates: The updater is running at this time. Please update in a minute to check again.

So I would not worry too much about this – you are currently using the latest stable build (v1.25.68) so the browser shouldn’t be looking for an update anyway. Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

@Mattches this what i’m using now

@Mattches In any case when there is a new update (stable) I will be warning you if I have these errors. but still take a look at these problems please and fix it with your team. So that you can take revenge for these problems and errors, we cannot be with this update problem for our whole life. anyway thanks for everything @Mattches and have a great week.

Please do let me know if the issue persists when an update is available. I would also recommend disabling your extensions, closing/relaunching the browser and testing to see if this resolves the issue.

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@Mattches ok perfect, there is anything I will be letting you know :+1:

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