Be aware! uphold is taking your BAT

Uphold are takig bat from users, they are closing and taking BAT from users.

My case:
Uphold send me an email about closing my account.

Uphold closed my uphold account and took all my Bat, while my account was closed.

i asked about my funds, and they said this

So all gone, and there are more stories like mine at the playstore



oh :frowning: what have you done for that? I hope you didn’t had much in your account…

for me and I dont know why i got my Brave reward blocked and I have no idea why… I heard some who said that maybe when I use different wifi they can block you…
its a little bit complicated to use Brave for me because I have 3 differents place wifi when Im working I need to move… its really weird that they block you if you change place…
maybe its time to use Opera now, this is sad because I really liked Brave :frowning:


they just closed your account without any reason. There are a lot of case like mine, check the playstore and you´ll catch up. you should transfer your fund to your trusted exchange or your ledger as soon as you receive your BAT.

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so what am l supposed to do to stop uphold from taking my bats?