BBC HTTP page not loading properly

The above URL doesn’t load properly in Brave for Windows 10, latest stable release. The page assets don’t all load and, worse still, it never fully finishes loading and pins the CPU at near 100%. I can hear my laptop fan at full pelt after a minute or so.

The page works fine in Chrome and Firefox.

Same happens for me mate. Click the Brave icon and toggle ‘Connection Upgraded to HTTPS’ to off. Ensure Site Settings are saved in the Clear Private Data dialog if you want to make this permanent.

I just tried this and the page works fine.

Thanks, that did the trick. Surely there must be a better way of handling this than to allow the page to try and load indefinitely and spike CPU usage.

Good to hear.

You would think there would be a better way as not everyone wants to save site data or have to go make extra clicks.

The firefox plugin ‘https anywhere’ copes with this automatically. Maybe Brave needs a 3rd option to allow choosing ‘Connection Upgraded to HTTPS’ to fall back to HTTP?

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