Bave browser using chrome backbone instead of mozilla firefox


hey there,

i dont know if this question or explanation was ever answered or shared, but i was wondering why the backbone of Brave browser is using something similar to Chrome instead of Mozilla firefox???

many may not realize this as i was just snooping around, but mozilla open scource came out of the first browser i think being netscape… BEFORE IE

and chrome had been around since 2008… and a google based browser which is not so open sourced…

just asking
ps this is the only catagory i can think of to ask this question…



Hi @myale,

If I remember correctly, they evaluated head to head in 2015 and Chromium won handily. And Chromium is open source.

Not to be confused of Chromium vs Chrome’s-the-difference-between-chromium-and-chrome/



thanks for the help

is the free chromium browser still around?

i have been trying to stay away from loading my laptop with to many browsers, i am stil using FF untill brave puts some extentions i really really love (i hope soon)

i have been trying hard to stay away from Anything microsoft even apple… but i have windows 10 on my laptop… (came with it)



Chromium is still very active (multiple browsers use code from the project, including Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.).

The problem is that to load it on a Windows machine, you have to compile the program yourself. It’s easier on Linux, since it’s usually available in distro software centers. I’m not familiar enough with Mac to know if it’s available on that platform.


hey again,

is there a specific download site that installs the browser like firefox or brave where it installs from the site or i can download and install with an exe. file?



@myale for the Chromium itself, AFAIK like @cynical13 said, you need to manually compile the source. No exe file. :slight_smile:

In case you missed it, brave-core (Chromium fork, rewrite version which came later this year) will have full extension API support. You can read more about the plan for Brave 1.0 here



Here’s the site address for setting up Chromium on Windows. It’s a little involved.


Thanks , i looked at it and yes its a little to involved for me lol

is there any other way to look at it? firefox was easier to install lol even netscape back in the day



Not to my knowledge. I believe it’s more designed for programmers who want to use it on their projects than for casual internet users. There are lots of browsers that utilize the code; Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Yandex, Slimjet…

Chromium is readily available on Linux, but not many people (can) use it on Windows without some work. However, since the code is readily available, different projects (such as Chrome and Opera) add code to make it work better with their browsers.

There are a number of browsers based on Firefox code (SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Iceweasel, etc.), but none of them are quite as popular as the Chromium-based browsers. That means fewer people working on the code.


i sort of figured that , thanks

i had wanted to see what all the backbone was about, but not being a programmer does make it tough with how you explain this…

i dont care for opera or never installed safari but 1 time knowing it was apple based and they had a windows version years ago…

i have been trying to be selective in browsers i would keep using… outside of netscape back in the day, firefox has been the longest brow ser i have used,

i love the youtube extentions for mp4 files… that allow me to download if i wanted (dont do it often but comes in handy even for my own lol)

i never have been greaat with security or privacy extentions but want to learn and understand how they work now… i know what VPN is but so not unsure how i can use it what just personal stuff a free version to…

but thanks for explaining the above better for me…


I’m definitely an enthusiast and not a programmer, but I think I have a grasp of the basics. I’m glad it helped some.

Honestly, I spend most of my time bouncing between Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, and Brave, trying to find the browser that meets all my needs. I find that Firefox has the clearest text and photos, but the Chromium browsers have fewer problems. I just migrate back and forth and wait until one of them does everything I need. I have high hopes about Brave and I’m anxiously awaiting the changes coming down the pipes so I can get some extensions I like using.

I hope you find what you’re looking for!



so for i have stayed with firefox and a little of its mess, i love a few of its extentions like 1 is a youtube mp4 downloader (i dont like wasting my time on 1 youtube channel when the videos can be over 30M)

i think if Brave had that right away i could be here much more… i love the 720 vid mode capture)

i know the main focus has been on privacy and security here which is fine… but throwing 1 or 2 extensions here for say beta testing now would help as you may know some updates of brave create new bugs that old versions never had)

They BETTER KEEP THIS FORUM through all updates because it is 1 reason i am here, these days i hate e mail because i never know if 1 it gets read, or even a response back…)

even the chatroom are cool and help they both make Brave VERY Unique and different from the other browsers… i am trying to remember if netscape had this as well…

i wont touch Microsoft if i can… though i have at times…

i sort of wish that it was easier to del with the bat money thing to have income for us… if i understand that right…

there is more i can add being a semi nerd… i just wish i can do php/mysql programming i cant grasp it as i am trying to build a website community (not blog lol)



Don’t worry Mark, this community will be staying around for a good long time as long as we have great members all helping each other out. :smiley:

Sit tight on the whole BAT money thing. It’s gonna be a wild summer.

To circle back on the original thrust of the post, Chromium gets us some great web compatibility, reasonably good performance, a ton of extensions, and the ability to draft on another project so we can focus on what makes us best (privacy, security, adblocking, & BAT).

Quantum(new Firefox) is cool, and I think a good number of folks are eyeballing Rust with a vibe of ‘almost ready, but not wanting to bet the farm yet’. ((In a purely personal opinion, I think they invested heavily in motion graphics which adds a lot of charm to certain interactions.)) The trick is to not get distracted by the new shiny tech and to pay attention to what is stable, what is extensible, and what is performant. :smiley:


Thanks alex,

1 thing i sort of like is how easy it can be to turn on or off an extention that you have built in here… i hope that happens in the future and allows us to say tourn off or on immediately WITHOUT Restarting brave so that we can make the browser fast with what extensions we want to use at the time…

i notice with the honey extension (though i have it default on at this time, when going to store sites like amazon or other similar sites it wants to immediately active any savings without me shopping, just looking… like its 1 step ahead and wont just work when the cart page is clicked and open for viewing…

1 other thing… atleast that i am thinking of, as you guys are developing this browser and adding documentation, it needs to be super detailed written, and sort of dumb down just a little… with an example so to speak… i say this NOW, because as more people find this browser and start using it, there will be a number of them that are disabled and comprehension is slow to pick up… also a lot of programmers are super nerds so they dont think much on the people with disabilities side (i might be able to help with that as i am 1)

newbies dont always know where to look for options say for zooming in or such so like the 3 lines on the far right by the + something i would do is a Mouse over with alt text atleast that with some notes there…



It can be installed like any browser, here’s the link:


Brave itself is open source it is derived from Chromium (Not from Chrome) which is open source.

But if you really need to use chromium, it is kind of hidden for easy access for obvious reasons. I suggest you to go to this website and download whichever chromium is convenient to you.


#17 @myale if you’re particularly interested, the official links are here.

We’re getting a bit off the thrust of the main discussion, which I believe has been resolved in prior posts, so I’ll close this one for now.

If you’re all interested in helping with competitive analysis, I’d certainly appreciate a hand and we can open a separate thread for that. :smiley:

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