BATS stolen from Brave

Hi everyone, today I was using at CLIMB transfering my cryptos to my MetaMask wallet in order to collect my dividends while this sign appeared:

*The sign says; Threat resolved - We have safely aborted the connection because it was infected by URL: Scam

Everything seemed allright and my crypto was in my wallet so I went to my room to do something. Then I came back about 10 mins ago and I found my BAT are missing. They haven’t been moved to my Brave Rewards Wallet and I have the automatic contribution to publishers OFF.

Anyone knows if I’m able to get my 1,835 BAT back? Anyway this is also for you to know that you claim to be the most secure navigator and now I don’t know if that’s really true.

Don’t know anything about this ETH Gas Station and it seems that the threat hasn’t been resolved ok.

Hope to hear from you.

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