Bats stay on Local wallet

Im waitting 2 months, and i’ve noticed that the bats stay on the local wallet of brave, on desktop and it doesnt drain to uphold having the wallet verified, yesterday i went to disconnect and reconnect the uphold wallet and then appears that i have a max of linked accounts on my wallet or something similar, and i’ve only linked it on brave creators and here, anywhere else.
What can be the problem?
PD: i make this post since im waitting more than 5 days on a reply on DM

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Following as I am also waiting on a reply to a DM that I created April 9th. I think this is a known issue and they are working on a fix, but I would like to see their response about the approximate DM wait time.

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@steeven How long are we supposed to wait for a reply to DMs? I am trying to wait patiently but I am seeing other people get replies on their posts while it seems like we slipped through the cracks. Even an estimated time-frame would be nice.

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