BATs per ad has decreased from .025 to .010

As the title says, I just realize that the amount of bats I am getting paid per ad has decreased. I’ve been following the BAT market price and I noticed that it’s been going up lately, so I guess that’s an explanation ( I may be wrong thought).

Is this going to be a permanent change to the brave reward system? Or this is only temporarily ? Because even thought the price already went down, the amount of BAT/ad didn’t increase.

Thanks in advance.


see my comment

it is permanent.

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Well that certainly sucks. Thanks for the response.

By the way, do you know or estimate how much do we get per sponsored image watched?

That is easy…zero. I never been paid for one, I log every one I get. So I know how many I have viewed. And it is a big pain to log them. The browser should do it but does not.

So… are Brave devs aware of this? Did they give any information or clarification about it at all? @Mattches @steeven

Yes, they are very aware of this. But I have not seen any action on this. I have see others mention this too but all I seen it they might fix it some day. some day usually means never. Why would they give up 100% profit? Instead of 30%.

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