Bats not yet transferred into my verified uphold account

Hello @steeven in your last message you told me to send some important things those are :

If you could send me your Wallet ID, along with the following information for troubleshooting:

1.) Inspect the uphold dashboard page after logging into uphold.
2.) Click on “network”
3.) Find an API call called “me” in the list of API calls
4.) Click on Response
5.) Copy everything after “id”:" and before the closing " to get the UUID of the uphold user

Paste your Uphold ID in the thread.

@steeven I will sent your all answer here.

1: My wallet Id: 15d2aa6d-d8aa-4088-947c-65c611a523a6

2: After copying everything after ''id":"
Result : 0.5225",“currency”:“USD”,“pair”:“ZRXUSD”}]

3: My Uphold ID: “23bd9c86-a7b1-4f4b-bbc3-257280b97a1f”

@steeven you told me to sent these in the thread and that is why I have sent you those here. @steeven kindly check these and solve my problem soon. I totally lost 202 bat from both brave and beta. @steeven please solve my problem as soon as possible. I seriously need these money. Please try to understand. I hope you will solve my problem soon. Thanks in advance.

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