BATS Not Supported in a Supported Country? Try this!

I was like many other people and wasn’t able to earn BATS. Unlike some other people, I was able to earn it at first but then on payday it locked me out and said that my country was not supported even though I live in the US.

(I use Windows 10 by the way)


  1. Fresh install Brave in a supported country
  2. Set your PC locale (NOT COUNTRY, NOT LANGUAGE!) to an unsupported one. (Mine was Australia)
  3. Go to your ads settings
  4. Observe that it says your country isn’t supported and make a help post on this forum.


  1. Go to your locale settings on your computer
  2. Set it to your country’s locale (NOT THE COUNTRY, NOT THE LANGUAGE)
    3, Go to your ads settings
  3. Observe that you can earn BATS again and be happy about it.

Thank you for reading this. I hope this helps out the issue in GitHub.

i am publisher,i am not receive my payment Today is 9 June,
I have worked real here,my uphold or youtube all verify,Will I be given a payment?

Yes, just hold on a little bit more

Can I get the payment?**
friend got the payment 5hours ago and i am still waiting

My friend got the payment 5hours ago and i am still waiting

Not everyone receives it at the same time, I still haven’t gotten mine, but it takes time. Wait 3 more days to complain

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