BATs not getting updated

Dear Team,

I installed the Brave browser sometime around February. In March, I got the due BATs that I had earned out of normal browsing and the ads that showed up on my Mac. It automatically transferred to my Uphold account as well.

In April though, I got nothing despite having earned a few BATs. In addition, I traveled to India, and I stopped earning BATs altogether there although different ads kept showing up. I traveled back again to Europe where I reside and there have been no changes ever since. It is still stuck at the same as before although I see new ads. The settings, however, show I have seen 0 ads this month but of course I do keep seeing new ads. Besides, usually, it shows the next payment date is the 6th of the next month, so it should be June 6, but it shows me July 6 now. It hasn’t transferred to my Uphold account either.

Can anyone help me here as to what is going on? Will be happy to provide any extra information.

Known problem but not yet solved for long :sweat_smile:

April and May had some issues…many say the same.

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