BATs no longer sending to Upload account

I have 3 devices (iMac, Mac laptop, windows desktop) all hooked up to my Uphold account. For the past 2 months the BATs were paid into my Uphold account. However, this month while the windows desktop continues to automatically deposit BATs into my Uphold, the iMac made me claim the BATs but now they are stuck on the browser. The amount is no longer going into Uphold. I noticed that my Uphold acct somehow unlinked from the iMac browser, so I relinked it. It still shows a different amt of BAT than my Uphold balance. Somehow my devices splintered from the Uphold account.

How do I fix this? More importantly how do I get the BATs into my Uphold account?



Known issue. See Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

Apologies for any inconveniences.

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Thanks for the update

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i still have this issue, days later. is this going to be fixed or not?


Same issue for a month now? any updates?

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You’re not alone, I’ve the same issue.


Can some from Brave please address this? Whats the point if you can move your BAT

Everyone having the same issue :confused:

I have the same issue sir. my uphold account is not showing any notification for payment. But brave rewards is showing that the rewards have been released.

Hi. Same here.
I saw that I had been rewarded some BAT, but now I can’t find it anywhere :thinking: not even in my wallet

@eljuno, do you have an ETA on the fix? thx

@nocturnian if you following the thread I linked above, Steven just gave an update. The fix is almost ready.

@eljuno thanks. I didnt see that.

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I don’t see any update??

Scroll below the thread. Under comments. Posted 7hrs ago

here the link :point_up:

Just wait the update see what happen to our bat earn if this going to release the payment

There an update on that thread:

For those affected, you should now be able to successfully link your Uphold wallet.

Anyone received Bats to their Uphold wallet?

Verified uphold account, click withdraw funds, goes to uphold in new window - NOTHING!! Fix has not worked it seems!!


@eljuno I still have BATs from a Mac that are not being sent to Uphold. The issue for me was not that I could not link my Uphold account. It was disconnected and I was able to relink it. However, the amount shown from the purple pop-up window that opens when I click on the BAT rewards logo next to the URL bar is not the same as the BAT shown in my Uphold account. Further, the BAT rewards from the Mac never got credited to my Uphold account. Any help greatly appreciated.