BATS given then taken back

About 50 BAT tokens taken away because I was “flagged”.
I like using the Brave Browser, but whoever set things up
to robotically take back my BAT tokens doesn’t get what
brings about adoption of a new technology… You don’t
take back a gift or what someone has earned. A deal is a
deal. Tweak your system all you want, but bad faith is

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Brave doesn’t retroactively pull back BAT. They will flag you and refuse payment, but that’s generally as far as it goes. Is that what happened to you and you are speaking on it wrong?

Contradiction here. You don’t earn gifts. Gifts are freely.

Terms of Use. I suggest you read them. It covers things like how they can refuse to pay you, how various things can happen where you lose BAT or where BAT loses value, etc. They always stick to their deals. What generally happens though is a lot of people try to abuse things and commit fraud, all because they want to try to profit off of things as much as possible.

Did the same to me bruh, I’m deleting this crap from all my devices