Bats gained prior verification not available in uphold

hi it’s been a time, now to the point
I recently verified my uphold account and linked it with my brave rewards, ok all good, but I got 45+ bats prior to verify my wallet as you can see:

I’m supposed to be able to withdraw those bats cause are mine, they are all from add rewards. But when I click in “withdrawal funds” this is what i get:

and that is my issue, what do I do to transfer those +45 bats prior verification to any of those cards in uphold? I don’t see a way to do it :thinking: .

any help is welcomed, thanks in advance :grin:
@Aa-ron, @Mattches, @steeven

their is one more card - brave rewards…check that

no, there isn’t… or where is it supposed to be?

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wait for 6 sept …

well, let’s wait :neutral_face:, thanks for taking your time to answer :+1:

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thank me with like …

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Have you tried the BETA version of Uphold? It may be advertised in a banner above the “classic” Uphold screen you’re looking at.
I suspect your account will show up automatically in there.

Can you try disconnecting and reconnecting from Uphold?


Note that the BAT doesn’t get deposited immediately – it will be deposited on the 5th of every month when Ads payout occurs.


so, it’s 06 today and my account is still in $0.00 even the 05/09 payout didn’t go to uphold

What day/date did you connect to Uphold?

Hey, I verified/connected uphold with Brave wallet few days ago when will I receive my payout? This month or next month?

My thread > Verified/Connected Uphold Today!

I think I did it on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week :thinking:

I understand that if you verify your Uphold with brave between the 1st and the 8th of the month, you should expect the payment for the next month

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Yes, I got the answer. Thanks :slight_smile:

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your welcome :blush:

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@Aa-ron, @Mattches

hi, it seems the answer was be patient as always :grin:

thanks everybody for your time :+1: