BAT's are not transferring to Uphold Account

Not yet … I have 2 browser
1 verified before 5august get paid(uphold).
1 browser verified after 4 august not yet paid(uphold) …

Random BAT’s? . Might be from one of your devices?

In all of my devices ive approximately 10 to 20BAT

But the deposit BAT is around 3 to 7


did you get payout for any browser?

The browser of my cell phone is verified and if the bats were deposited but they do not go to my uphold account
and my pc is verified too and I still haven’t received the bats of the month

Hey everyone don’t worry. I noticed everyone saying that they didn’t get theirs BAT.
i request to all please wait until 12th August your local time. you’ll must get your BAT.
Payment system still working to payout all.
Evan it happened we us lots of time.
so i suggest to all brave users please don’t worry your BAT is safe like your wallets.


Yes even me. I have unpaid bats. But I believe I will got paid.

I believe because I have received two payments out of my 3 browsers. So let us wait since they have released their official statement. That payouts still for processing.

Same here, have 60 bat on my Android phone that is not going into my Uphold, after verifying 2 days ago!

I can see now all my BATs in my uphold account.

Same here
Nothing in the uphold account.

Hey @keithm, I think after the verification the amount will be credited to uphold only in the next payout. Ie. 6th of Sep 2020 or around the first week of September

My friend verified the account with uphold but he received the funds within an hour.

Not sure if I’m late to the party but my BAT havent been transferred to my Uphold yet either. As I verified my wallet after August’s payout period, would I have to wait until September’s payout period to get the BAT deposited into my wallet?

I think you have to wait .

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