BAT's are not transferring to Uphold Account

Have you got any solutions?

no buddy… they told me to wait for 2 days

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Uphold balance is still processing.

same here. How many days is the processing time? for July ad earnings

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It usually gets paid in two days

You can refer the below link for this months payout.

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if within 2 days after the scheduled date of payout bat has not received.?

This thread has information about payments going to Brave Browser and i don’t think it explains about funds getting transferred to Uphold . I read that , Brave has suspected some suspicious activity and that might be the reason why they might have paused the transfer.

Then you have to contact support i think.

Ah okay. So because of suspicious activity. Everyone is compromised. So until account is clear. Payout will be sent to the respective recipient. Oh my god is it illegal to have 2 devices linked with one account?

I still didn’t figure out what they meant by suspicious activity , even i have some browsers connected to the same uphold account.

Ah okay. Did you get payment for all the devices connected to your uphold account? If yes, then it might be fine.

Yes , i got for one of my browsers.

Oh how about the other browser?

many of the transactions are still in processing mode. So may be we should wait for one more day to transfer our bat from brave browser to uphold.

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Okay did anyone experience to get paid even if they have 2 devices connected to their uphold account?

Did not get for the other browser yet

For the previous month i got paid , when i had more than two browsers connected to the same account

what if we have connected more than 4 devices to uphold? Do you have any idea on this?

You mean profiles or devices?