Batch Open closed tabs from History

I’d like to ask a feature for PC version that enables users to batch open the Sites from History to their corresponding tabs, It’s quite tedious
to reopen a lot of tabs from your history one-by-one.

@Chigus This already exists…

So on this you see where I had 3 tabs in one window. When I mouseover 3 tabs in History, it opens up what you see circled in blue. If I hit Restore Window then it will open it with the three tabs I had open.

You can do this with any window you close that had multiple tabs in it.

Saoiray not that function
in many other browsers you can select multiple tabs from history then open them as new tabs in current window or open them at the same time in new windos,
so you showed different function which @Chigus did not describbe.

Conclusion Brave don;t have this functionality and will have for long time not have it.

The answer is in your reply. Importing your history from Brave to FF Browser will yield the desired result. Wierdly enough your can’t import your browser history to regular chrome