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Does anyone have a way to batch download images from a webpage? Even Chrome DevTools wont let you select more than 1 images in the networks tab. Firefox have a “media” tab in “page info” if I remember correctly, that lets you do this.

Any tips? Downloading more than 5 images manually is a pain.

I would recommend using an extension that performs this function – a quick search in the web store yields a few promising results:

Thanks. I will take a look. I did do a search prior to posting this. They all seems so bloated. The simpler the better. :smiley:

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Actually, looks like you can do this with just dev tools – if you’re comfortable using the Terminal and a few basic bash commands. Try the following:

  1. Visit the page that has the images you’d like
  2. Open Dev tools in Brave
  3. Network tab --> [img]
  4. Refresh
  5. You should now see all images detected on the page in the Name panel to the left
  6. Select as many images as you’d like (Shift + click will do this)
  7. Right Click --> Copy --> Copy all as cURL
  8. Open Terminal and cd to the folder you’d like to save these images to
  9. Run the command
    pbpaste | awk '{print substr($0, 1, length($0)-1) ">>" NR ".jpg"}' | bash
  10. Enjoy all the images!

Worked for me – just downloaded 93 test images :slight_smile:

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Damn nice! Works like a charm, although the command is a little gnarly and hard to remember. :smiley:

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Yeah it’s a little unruely – I’d just save the command somewhere easily accessible so you can quickly reference it until it’s memorized.

I believe you can substitute and/or include other filetypes as well – would just have to change the ".jpg" to the appropriate file type.
Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile:

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