Bat went missing, poof bye bye.......why? Lets not be sleazy

So its clearly not just me thats having issues with bat missing… Brave? Are we on the pipe again? Come on lets not be sleazy. I only had a couple for the reason i am not gonna balls out on brave to earn something thats gonna get ganked and crammed in a crack pipe… i do feel kinda bad for those who lost alot… and oddly my rewards dont even show a date where a portion is getting returned… well, was a nice concept and kinda liked to bigger picture of whats going on here… holla when u get back from rehab and not having to steal bat to feed tha pipe… later… ** uninstalling** tis tis, u should be ashamed Brave… bad doggie…


Just be patient give it a couple days you should recieve the claim button and if not get in touch with one of the team, i had this issue last month and was told by the 10th it should be cleared and it was.

Just be patient, its not gone, just in processing.

Looks like Bulok is back with a new username

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I have been patient for over a year with thousands of free viewed ads that I am sure they collected revenue for… when does the word SCAM come into the vocabulary. what would your limit be…?

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I think I have been on the PIPE… Cuz I am still giving them AD VIEWS with no rewards due to the bullshizz device limit…

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I’ve opened three threads and sent a dm with zero response. Still no payout and now my account just got flagged a couple days ago too! This is a huge scam and tomorrow begins the next payout. Not a faint chance we will ever get what we are owed. Uninstalling this garbage.

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Hi @Silthanos, I’m not seeing a DM from you. Please send me your wallet payment ID and I can take a look.

@865survived please also send me your wallet payment ID, which can be found here (found at brave://rewards-internals).


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