BAT wasn't sent from brave to uphold for October

In the brave rewards menu, it has shown zero always. I started using brave just over a month ago. If i clicked settings in that menu, there it showed the bat i had earned. It showed November 7th as the day that my earned bat would be sent to my uphold account, which is verified. Around the beginning of november, that earned bat shown in the settings was reset, but i could still see that what i had earned was going to be sent on the 7th. But i never recieved anything anywhere. And also the ads have drastically reduced in number. It was one day that the ads changed and they havent returned to normal since. I also am finding that the browser freezes completely when the ad notification is trying to display. Thank you

@SlayCorpse Payouts to verified wallets are still processing :slight_smile:

As far as ads go, I have no verified information as to why, buy I as well as many others experience a reduction in ads around payout time. This is normal as I have experienced.


I don’t have any official info as well. But if you go to Brave countries, you can see how many partners per country are working along. I assume that this will partially have an effect on the amount of ads / BAT wired to you. So if you are from a country with just couple partners, I believe you will have less ads and therefore less BAT than someone coming from a country with many partners and thus many ads / BAT.

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@cryptonite123 I actually read something like this back in the day (few years ago) that area’s may not have as many ad campaigns active in said region, reflecting the reduced amount of ads.

Wonder if i can find that information, but coming from an admin. Would be a nice reference thread.

Here is a link to countries and active ad campaigns by region
@SlayCorpse @cryptonite123

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Nice. Thank you for your prompt reply!

I wish people would read other threads with similar issues first and then write their problems, instead of opening thousands of new threads about the same problem. :sweat_smile:

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Ah ok thank you very much!

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