BAT was transferred to Brave from Uphold without my authorization

Sirs … although this may seem petty given that 1 BAT isn’t even worth a cup of coffee, but that’s what got transferred from Uphold to Brave International this afternoon without my initiation or authorization. The fact that ANY transaction to move assets can be made this way is what is troubling.

I was notified of the transaction via email this afternoon. Didn’t see it until just now tho as I’ve been off my phone and computer most of the day. I replied to Uphold with a query as to the transaction, but am following up here as well.

(Note: As I was writing this, I received a reply from Uphold asking that I check auto-contribute … off everywhere as expected and as it always has been … and that I reach out to you, so here we are.)

I do not have automatic payments set up for Brave, or anyone else for that matter, so I’m at a loss as to how this can happen or what it is about.

Again, it’s not the $$ value of the transaction that upsets me … goodness knows that I support Brave and its developers for the fine work. It’s merely the fact that this occurred at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help and attention,

Victor Z

It is a bug where the Auto - contribute is getting turned on automatically. If you are sure that your Auto - contribute was turned off on all devices connected to Uphold, then you should raise a ticket at

From there, Brave will contact you at your Email to further resolve the issue.

Thank you for the quick reply. It is turned off, has never been turned on, and so a mistake caused by this bug of which you speak is what must have occurred. I will follow up with a ticket.


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