BAT transfer not showing up in Brave browser



I just transferred 26 BAT to the account number listed in my Brave browser. The transaction has been on the chain for 45 minutes ( but the account balance in Brave is still 0.

Anything I can do to debug this?


The BAT arrived, it just took a couple of hours for Brave to detect them.

Should it take that long?


Hey @odinodin. Our wallets are “off-chain”, provided by Uphold. They sweep all funds to their pool address, they’re not stored long term in the on-chain deposit address that you see when adding funds within Brave. As a side effect we can’t query the blockchain to determine accurate balance information, we have to query Uphold. Normally they pick up onchain transaction and add them to the pending balance within a matter of minutes, but it’s possible that it could take longer to register in their system.

Bitcoins from previous wallet never made it to new BAT wallet

I sent 136 BAT. All I’ve seen of it is three bouncing balls! I don’t really know what to do with that.


that issue is recognized by the team. would you please restart the browser and see if it solves the issue? thanks


@SpottedSalamander did you end up receiving your BAT or are you still having issues?


Thanks for asking, I’m still getting the three bouncing balls and the Please wait while we convert your bitcoin to BAT message.

I restarted the browser many times to no avail.


I’m having the same problem. I started a transfer using Ethereum over 24 hours ago to try it out and all I have is the bouncing balls.


@Lee Did you find a resolution? Seems no one is brave enough to go to BAT for me. I’d go so far as to say basically no attention has been paid to me. :smile:


@SpottedSalamander Same here. I just signed up for an Uphold account, I’m hoping to find a way to track my funds through them. I know that the transfer went through to the address that I was given, but that’s about it at this point. I’m still looking at those three bouncing balls in my Brave Browser and feeling kind of stupid right now.


The Uphold account seems to be a dead end also, I see no way to track or even look for the funds.


@Lee Well looks like they fixed it. Updated my browser, restarted it. Bang. BAT. Thanks for the help!


I’m glad you’re up and running @SpottedSalamander, I updated and restarted also but so far I still have bouncing balls. At least I do have hope now that they are working on the problem.


Never mind my last @SpottedSalamander, I turned off payments and turned it back on and BAM, there is my deposit! :slight_smile:


@Lee @SpottedSalamander Glad to hear that this issue cleared up for both of you. Can you confirm that the following matches up with how you ran into this issue?

  1. Did not have a BTC wallet
  2. Enabled Brave Payments
  3. Wallet was created, got address through add funds dialog
  4. After adding funds, the browser incorrectly attempted to transition from BTC -> BAT

Thanks for your help!


@evq That sounds right to me, I didn’t realize that it was trying to convert from BTC instead of ETH even though I realize now that this was exactly what the message I was getting said, duh, I should have included that in my post. I’m very excited about Brave and I jumped the gun just a little because I wanted to try everything out :wink:

Thank you so much for finding and repairing the problem, from now on if I post a problem I’m just going to assume that someone is working on the issue.


@evq Same here, I just assumed I could send BAT. Thanks


Same happened to me.

Did not have a BTC wallet
Enabled Brave Payments
(BAT) Wallet was created, got address through add funds dialog
After adding funds, the browser incorrectly attempted to transition from BTC -> BAT

Unfortunatelly the browser wasn’t the latest version, after updating to the latest I still see the bouncing balls.

Thanks, Gabor


Hi @vega

Could you please private message me your BAT wallet address? We’re currently investigating these issues.


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