Bat tokens. why no refund ? steal more than 1200 bat tokens

Why nobody from your Support is writing to me ? Uphold say everytime i have to write to you and in description brave say uphold manage the wallets. Its a big scam after all the month. More than 1200 Bat Tokens you hold from me.I want to make this public how you take the money from your users it would be ok if this only 1-2 dollars … its more than many hundreds dollars in bat tokens. Fact is i deposit 5000 bat tokens and you take many of them. Taking money to make ads … and that what i would get back … you take. Biggest Scam ever! I want only my deposit, all the brave ads i make for you, you can take it where you want. i want to delete my account and only want my deposit back. Dont want to support a company that steal money from users.

Hi @mrboogie,

Please DM me the email address associated with your Creator account, and screenshots of your Ad metrics.

Thanks! email is for the creator account.

my deposit to brave browser.

greets from germany

Kaspar Stacherski

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