BAT tokens transferred automatically from MEW wallet to BAT's address


I have not visited my mew wallet for almost less than 4 years, So today I transfer them to some trading platform.

Look at below transaction id, where you can see they are automatically transferred to some address which shows them as BAT’s address

Can anyone suggest what could have happened and how can I reclaim them back? I would really appreciate.

Thanks a lot !!

due to the time of the transaction, I believe there is no way to undo or redirect your coins, I hope I am wrong, is there no way you can recover this wallet?

hi Rinarikato,

Thanks for reply. I have access to wallet but it does not have any token in it. But I am just curios if they are automatically transferred to the BAT’s wallet. You can see in the transaction it points to some BAT’s address -

So I quickly checked community of BAT and googled some articles, questions were there like they expire on its own after six months. So is by some bug they are expired and automatically transferred to


gotcha, so did you get your BAT back? if the transaction expired, in theory they went back to their point of origin, correct?

No, i didn’t get them back, same thing happened with Golem, I don’t know what triggered the transaction.

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