BAT tokens stuck in brave browser..!


i have 52 bats stuck in the browser since march which i earned during the begining from brave. i did not have a verified uphold account at that point in time but once i verified uphold, the new tokens earned are getting transferred into uphold but the tokens earned initially are still immovable… please help on this…

many thanks!!!

I have exactly the same problem on two browser profiles totals nearly 300BAT. New bst transfers old amount doesn’t.

Hi @myluckystar - What OS and Brave version are you on? When did you verify your wallet with Uphold? Thanks in advance!

I’ve had the same 47 BAT in my browser wallet for over a year.

greetings @steeven
apologies for the delayed response…!!! i use windows10 pro and verified the wallet… i think between feb and march… however when i transferred bats to my wallet this last time… some of the 52 coins got freed somehow, now i only have 45 still pending in the wallet… kindly fix the rest as well…!!!

many thanks!!!

hey steeven can you look dm for:Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

I have been having the same problem for months, nothing but lame excuses. Should be easy as a snap to move coins over.

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