BAT tokens not showing up in wallet even after transaction is confirmed


Today I set up my brave browser, turned on brave payments, then sent about $15 worth of BAT to the address shown within the browser.

Here’s the transaction -

I’m on Windows 10 and using Brave version 0.25.304



cc @LaurenWags @Mattches for assistance here.


I’m thinking this could be why:

I’d say watch it for now, and let’s see what happens in a couple days.

Update - here’s the blog post from Uphold in regards to this:


Yep, looks like that was the problem. It’s showing now.

Thanks Lauren!


Great! Thanks for reporting back @onebatuser32498! Going to close out this thread, please feel free to open a new one for any other issues you encounter.

Before close this thread, might I suggest updating to the latest version? 0.25.x is fairly old, we’re currently on 0.60.x which has many improvements (and a whole new UI). You can check out this help doc written by @Mattches for some info/assistance if needed:

Also, be sure to back up your Brave wallet that you just funded :slight_smile: You can do this by going to the Brave Payments page, clicking on the gear icon, and clicking on backup my wallet. Just follow the instructions from there and be sure to keep your backup words safe. None of your data should be destroyed in the update process, but I’d do it first anyhow as some extra insurance.


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