BAT tokens lost

Hello everybody, I’m writing because I’ve been having problems with my Brave Rewards lately. I started getting rewards on March 13, then on April 9 the quantity of BAT earned was 4,580 and suddenly dropped to 3,24, later on April 12 the amount of BAT raised from 2,410 to 4,990 (a similar amount that I had 3 days earlier, but the same day the amount dropped to 2,440 (an amount lower than the one on April the 4 and even lower than the highest amount earned on april the 12 that was 4,990), so I kept trying but as today April 19 I only have an amount of 3,610 BAT. Bottomline I wonder how I can get 25 BATs that is the minimum amount to withdraw if I keep losing BATs almost on a daily basis. Please review the problem, I want my lost BATs. Regards.

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How do you even get that much? I’ve been trying to get 25 for 4 months. Lately it’s barely moving. It’s only browser I use , have all the ads turned on. My notification drop down menu is always filled with notifications. Wtheck

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