BAT tokens is not transfering to dashboard on

Hi there,

My friends tipped BAT to my YouTube Channel. But I did not receive all BAT tokens which are tipped. So, I would like to know that why it is not transferring?

Looking forward hearing from you soon


Hai Drel, your friend tipped BAT to your channel is right.But you din not received.When this problem happens your friend tipped and immediately closes the browser it happen.Give some more minute stay on the browser and Brave rewards connect to the server and you will receive. Is this help fine or not helpful correct it to me

So, I received 57 tokens so far, but total amount of tokens are about 489 BAT. How about other tokens? When can I receive others?

If He open browser again, will it connect automatically and will I receive tips?

Can you help me to solve this problem please @Asad

Yes the process will resume from where it left off if he opens the browser.

Thank you for your answer. He said browser was opened since yesterday but unfortunately only couple of tokens received yesterday, today I didn’t receive anything, and also more than 90% of tokens I didn’t receive yet @Asad

Hi there,

If your friend has a problem, then your friend should contact us.

It is very difficult to provide support when there is an intermediary like this.

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